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Personal Banking Services

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ATM / Debit Card

As a BrandBank customer, you will enjoy the convenience of worldwide accessibility to your money. Just look for the following logos: MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PULSE, CIRRUS and PLUS. Our customers pay no service fee for withdrawals at any ATM. If you use another bank's ATM, you will incur their fee, but not an additional fee from BrandBank. For your safety, our ATMs are either drive-up or located in well lit areas.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, call 800-264-5578.

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My Mobile Money

BrandBank has partnered with Elan Financial Services to introduce the My Mobile Money Access app! My Mobile Money Access, with enhanced card controls and dynamic alerting capabilities, provides you with the ability to monitor and manage your BrandBank debit card accounts and to receive and respond to alerts instantly through your mobile device…anywhere, anytime!

  • Account Management – conduct balance inquiries, transfers, transaction history, set alert preferences.
  • Location Services – set geographic parameters for card use, and option to disable the use of the card if outside the defined regions.
  • Transaction Controls – set specific transaction parameters by type, and set dollar amount thresholds.
  • Interactive Alerts – identify unauthorized activity as the transaction is taking place by receiving alerts with transaction details on your mobile device, ability to decline the transaction or turn off the card.

Download My Mobile Money Access, a FREE app for your mobile device today!

Mobile BankingMobile Banking

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Purchase Rewards

Earn cash back just for being a BrandBank checking customer and using your BrandBank Debit Card at participating retailers where you already shop! There's no limit to the number of offers you may receive; you choose the ones that are right for you. Best of all, there's no cost for you to take advantage of this great savings opportunity! It's just one more way BrandBank delivers value to our customers.

Get Rewarded:

1. Login to your Online Banking account.

2. Look for your offers in the Purchase Rewards section of the online banking home page or on your checking account history page. Click on the offer(s) you want to have it automatically synced with your BrandBank Debit Card.2

3. The next time you make a qualifying purchase from that retailer and pay with your Debit Card, you'll earn the reward. Each retailer's offer provides different details about how to earn the cash back.

4. The rewards you've earned will be directly deposited into your BrandBank checking account the month after you redeem the offer.1

5. Track your earnings on the Purchase Rewards summary page.

1Timing of deposit may vary depending on merchant and/or offer.

2Offers limited to one-time use. Certain restrictions apply. You can opt out at any time by clicking the "Stop receiving all offers" link on the Purchase Rewards summary page.

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Brand Bill Pay

No envelopes. No stamps. No problem. Brand Bill Pay allows you to pay all of your bills online. Eliminate additional postage and check printing charges! Brand Bill Pay is available to consumers and businesses. With Brand Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay your bills anytime day or night
  • Set up recurring payments to be made automatically
  • Receive e-bills electronically from leading merchants nationwide
  • Click here to enroll.

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Direct Deposit

For added convenience, you can have your payroll or other credit items directly deposited to your account through ACH. You may also allow third parties to directly deduct payments from your account; for example insurance drafts, mortgages, etc.

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Info 24

Anytime, day or night. Get the information you need about your account from "Info 24", our automated account information service. If you need immediate access to your account, simply call 770.277.8500.

  • Convenient 24-hour access to account information
  • Personal Identification Number required to access information
  • Current balances available for checking, savings, loans and certificates of deposit
  • Deposit, withdrawal and transaction history available
  • Transfer funds between accounts

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Online Banking

Our bank is open around the clock. Reconcile your accounts and transfer funds at a time that works for you. It's fast, easy and secure.

  • Check account balances
  • Account reconciliation
  • Transfer money
  • Make loan payments
  • Email access to bank personnel
  • Check images- front and back

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Money Management Personal Finance Manager

Take control of your finances with Money Management!

Where does your money go? With Money Management, you can easily and conveniently track every dollar and financial transaction - right from your secure Online Banking account. When you sign up for Money Management, you can view the activity of every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card you have - from BrandBank as well as other financial institutions and creditors - all on one page!

Money Management automatically categorizes your daily transactions so you can see exactly how much you are spending on dining, gas, shopping and more. You can create an automated monthly budget, set financial goals and pinpoint where you can make changes to help you meet those goals.

Money Management is free to all BrandBank Online Banking customers. To get started, login to Online Banking and click on the Money Management link. Your BrandBank account data will be automatically added; you can then customize your financial information to start planning your personal and family budget.

Other Money Management Features:

  • Track your overall net worth, including physical assets such as your house, cars, etc.
  • Set goals and view trends with your money to get a better picture of your overall financial health.
  • Alerts and reminders via text or email help you track your budgets and get timely updates about your accounts.
  • Budgets provides a visualization of your data on a monthly basis which can be viewed as bubbles or traditional bars.
  • Monitor your liabilities and setup a plan to project debt payoff dates and prioritize the payoff of certain debts.
  • View your cash flow that identifies recurring deposits and payments to show trends within your budget.

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eStatements are faster, more secure and an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper statements. When you sign up for eStatements, you can view, print, and download up to one year of previous statements when you need them. Best of all, eStatements are free and available for all your BrandBank accounts.

  • To sign up for eStatements today, login to Online Banking.
    Under the Additional Services menu, click eStatements.

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Overdraft Protection Services

Overdraft Protection Plan
Need a little peace of mind? We can link your Checking account to a Savings or a Money Market account to cover overdrafts. This is an inexpensive way to cover overdrafts and avoid charges from retailers for returned checks.

  • All overdraft items for the day are added together into one total.
  • One transfer is made from the linked account to cover the total amount of overdraft for the day.
  • One $8 fee is assessed for the Overdraft Protection Transfer.

Standard Overdraft Service-Overdraft Privilege (ODP)
Have you ever made an honest mistake in your checking account or had an unforeseen expense? ODP allows you the flexibility and convenience of knowing that BrandBank will automatically pay overdrafts on your checking account up to $1,250. After meeting the following eligibility requirements, the account will be automatically enrolled in ODP service.

  • $250 in deposits during the first 30 days.
  • No NSF items during the first 30 days.
  • If the account fails to meet the requirements during the first 30 days, the account is re-evaluated after the next 30 day period.
  • At the end of the second 30 day period, if the account does not qualify, the account becomes ineligible for the service.

Once the account qualifies for ODP, BrandBank will pay overdrafts up to $1,250 on the following types of transactions. We will charge you an overdraft fee of $35 for each item paid.

  • Checks
  • Automatic bill payments (ACH)

BrandBank will also pay overdrafts up to $1,250 on the following types of transactions if you ask us to. We will charge you an overdraft fee of $35 for each item paid.

  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday (one time) debit card transactions

Can I have Overdraft Protection and Standard Overdraft Service (ODP) on the same account?
The answer is Yes. Overdraft Protection will pay first and then ODP will pay if there is not enough in the account tied to Overdraft Protection to cover the transactions.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

All BrandBank locations can serve you with a wide range of Safe Deposit Box sizes. Your privacy is ensured through closely monitored box access. Protect important documents, heirlooms or other items in our safekeeping facility.

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Wire Transfer Services

When you need to send money to another financial institution, you can use our wire transfer services. It's quick and easy.

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