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ACH Payments

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services provide an easy, quick and secure way

to pay your suppliers, vendors, government taxes and employees. When you use ACH services, you can lower funds disbursement costs, reduce fraud risk and expenses, and establish a more predictable settlement and cash flow for your business.

Other benefits of ACH include:

  • Variety of ways to originate ACH payments, including database templates and direct file transfers
  • Fewer misapplied and late payments
  • Faster reconciliation
  • Increased payee satisfaction
  • Online reporting to complement audit controls

BrandBank’s suite of ACH services, all accessed through Brand Business Direct, include:

  • Debit and credit
  • Cash concentration
  • Direct deposit of payroll

Same Day ACH

Since its introduction into the Payments landscape, Same Day ACH volumes have steadily increased. As a result, BrandBank is proud to offer Same Day ACH Credit origination via Brand Business Direct.

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Brand Business Debit Card

The Brand Business Debit Card offers you more control over purchases made by employees on behalf of your business. You set transaction limits for each individual who has a card. Transactions post to one consolidated statement by card number so you can see who has made a purchase and where the purchase was made. Accepted worldwide, you and your employees can use it to pay for gas, accommodations and any other travel-related expenses.

BrandBank One Card

The BrandBank One Card does it all! It’s a single card that combines travel and entertainment with purchasing card features. The One Card offers unified processing, simplified management and maximized savings. Moreover, it provides access to the Visa worldwide network with acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs. Employees who use the One Card have access to goods, services and cash around the globe, eliminating the need for more costly alternatives such as petty cash or cash advances. Additionally, detailed transaction data is captured on every purchase. The One Card can be fully integrated with your electronic expense reporting system so you will get valuable information to help monitor travel and entertainment expenses.

Other benefits of the BrandBank One Card:

  • No annual card fees
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • No cost, web-based card management tools
  • Liability Waiver Protection program
  • Spending and velocity limits
  • 24-hour customer service

Small Business Online Bill Pay

Paying bills takes time and paying by check costs money. According to NACHA, the electronic payments association, businesses who make payments electronically save, on average, 11.5 cents per payment versus issuing paper checks.

Small Business BillPay is an easy, dual-control payment solution—available with Brand Business Direct—that lets you save time by scheduling online payments instead of writing checks. Payments are debited on the due date so you won’t pay late fees. We’ll work with you to tailor a business payment solution that works for your business.

Small Business Payment Center for ACH and Wire Origination

Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you don’t need the same payment solutions that larger businesses can access. The Small Business Payment Center (SBPC) is for our Business Gateway and Business Gateway Plus customers who would prefer to make payments electronically instead of by check.

With the SBPC, you’ll have better control over your cash flow while making on-time payments. Payments, including payroll, vendor and utility payments, can be delivered on the same day via wire origination or within 1-2 business days with ACH.

Wire Origination

Sometimes you need to pay vendors or suppliers right away so you can deliver for your customers. Domestic or international wire payments can keep the business cycle moving. Dual controls, dollar limits, verification call backs, audit trails and reports all ensure that wire transactions are secure. You can save on wire origination fees by using Brand Business Direct to initiate outgoing wire payments.